Thursday, August 04, 2005

Joy. Hope. Determination.

As a complete newbie, I thought that no political letdown would ever compare with the devastation of hope I felt after Gov. Dean lost the primaries. By the time we Gators went to Florida to work on the election last November, I had built up a little emotional armor against being devastated again. So, while I was completely shocked by the outcome Nov. 2, and exhausted by 2 years of increasingly intense focus on winning the election, I didn't have that surreal feeling of living life through a vaseline filter.

Now, I get to have another feeling after an election that, admittedly, we didn't win. Joy. Hope. Determination. Steve Gilliard, as usual, brings my hometown New York flavor to the thing:
Hackett loses 52-48, closest OH-2 election in decades

"...Understand this: yesterday, thousands of Bush-supporting, longtime Republicans went into the booth and voted for a Democrat who attacked the President. A pro-choice moderate against the head of the local pro-life outfit.

These are people who haven't voted Democratic since 1980.

We're realists and we gave the money knowing he was a long shot. At no point did I think he would get this close. I thought 55-45 would send a message that we would fight anywhere, anytime. Those extra three points makes a big difference. In most of the counties he lost 51-49

This sends a completely different message.

This says we can support candidates, get them noticed, and get them competative. Hackett had NO chance before the Net went to support him. What has to be realized is that Schmidt will only have the seat for 14 months, Hackett is in a great position to run again. It often takes two or three runs to win a Congressional seat..."

Paul knows it's true:
A Victory for Democracy:
"...When I won the Democratic primary for this contest, few people believed we had a shot at victory. But DFA put its faith in me—and went to work organizing on the ground and online. Your support helped build the greatest Democratic get-out-the-vote effort this district has ever known.

While we didn't pull out a victory yesterday—we came incredibly close. We got 48 percent of the vote. And in those results rests hope for the future..."

and the Gov. and his 50-State Strategy? Here's proof that it works. The Hackett HQ folks agree that this brand-new DNC helped make Hackett's success happen. Half the state parties have funded boots on the ground 25 States in 5 months. I can't imagine how Gov. Dean got folks to move that fast, decisively, fearlessly. To me, that's what progress looks like, listening, talking, doing solid research just enough to figure out the action to take, then taking action, then measuring the results, learning, then taking action again.

We're climbing up out of a very deep hole, and the only feeling for that is:

Keen Anticipation:-)