Saturday, July 16, 2005

bio 2: work related

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I've been into wikis for about a year. Now, when I say 'into', it means that I read them for fun:; and for information

but I haven't been moved to really edit any, or to start one myself in a serious way. Which is very different from my reaction to blogs - as soon as I saw a movable type blog, I started diving into it to figure out how to do one for demsjapan.

Actually, I'm a programmer wannabe - I don't have time in my life to study this stuff, although there are such nifty tools to learn:-). But at some point, I probably will try creating new multimedia tools, because it's another area that I really love working in.

anyway, I've wondered why I didn't get more active with wikis. Then, in the personal democracy newsletter, there was a new article about the tough part of getting regular folks to use the things. here's a good point about adoption of tools like this among non-tech folks: "Engineers, who generally think HTML is trivial [to learn], assume that wiki markup is easy to learn; and it probably is compared to HTML," says Ken Norton, vice president of products at hosted-wiki provider JotSpot. "What they don't understand is that regular users don't want to have to learn a new way to author documents.... It's not that they're not capable of learning; they simply don't want to be bothered."

Man, that phrase 'don't want to have to learn a new way' felt like a kick in the gut, because it's such a hard way of thinking for me to understand when it comes to cool tech tools! But then, my do unto others etc inclination kicks in, and I realize that there are so many activities I feel exactly the same way about. Like, I just can't be bothered, much as I love the 'Mac OS', to actually read the manuals, short and sweet as they are. I want things to be so intuitive that I can figure it out, or ask Tom...anyway, it just goes to show me that that, to go outside of the tech and tech wannabe box, wikis are going to have a get a lot simpler and more user-friendly, even across platforms. Like email.

and blogs.