Monday, July 25, 2005

a wonderful afternoon...expanded

I'm laughing out loud, because, since the writer himself decided to talk about his afternoon, I feel more relaxed about posting a quick pic, and saying that I'm very glad
Neil Gaiman is going to ask for translations of his awesome blog.

still smiling. have a safe trip Neil, see you back at Worldcon!

(many thanks for the pic and advice on gonpachi to Lauren at Fujiamamas, and her marvelous food blog in a fancy glass

a wonderful afternoon

I spent one yesterday, with one of the most important writer-thinkers of my generation. it was a private day for him, so no names here. we walked around tokyo streets, talking about, if I remember:
the tragic stupidity of american politics, and how it would be great to have being elected be more like jury duty (hmmm...not a bad idea), what a blessing kids are, how important it is to not be seduced by fame, and how easy it would be, especially if one is young and still forming. and how horrible it would feel to be afraid to lose fame. plus lots of bemused sightseeing at cosplay girls and boys in Harajuku, and the wretched user-interface at the post office bank machine, and trying to tell my story in as little time as possible so that I could hear more of his...and wanting to give him the list of things I think could be done better with his work here, but not wanting to be too forward...

it was fantastic, and a much-needed break from my regular life, within my regular life, a chance to explore nooks and crannies of tokyo that I had forgotten, and to talk about all manner of things with someone whose work and worldview I love.

many, many thanks...