Saturday, July 30, 2005

Today, We Fight!

Question#1: what have you done for Paul Hackett today?:-) Our DA-International Chair is on point, when he wrote on Wednesday 7.27.05:
In Southwestern Ohio, a former Marine and Democrat Abroad is entering the last week of his campaign for Congress...

Question#2: what fires up the apathetic person? A competition, a way to join other like-minded folks to help support something or someone we come to believe in. The epic battles of the 2004 election cycle, were, for me, a beginning. I had to hurry up to learn about presidential politics (an ongoing study, and very strange:-).

Now, I'm taking more time to learn about local, because it seems to me, from a newbie perspective, that we (reality-based pragmatic progressives, Democrats) that that is where we take the fight next. And, what's excellently cool about local is that voting is not the only way Americans Abroad can make a real difference!

Of course, money helps local campaigns enormously. And, if you're from that locale, haven't you been feeling that you love your life outside of the States, that home is where you are now, but that you could do just a little bit more, be a mensch to folks who are struggling with the results of the worst administration in modern American history?

Being willing to travel also helps: When Lauren and Chris and I went to Iowa for the Dean campaign, it was likely that the primary was already lost (the craven reaction to the Gov's appropriately rallying the troops was an indication of another problem, and it wasn't his). I had never voted before, no interest at all in politics. Lauren and Chris had been involved in local Philly activism like escorting women to health clinics targeted by anti-choice nuts. We didn't know what it would be like. But we believed in supporting America's better angels, and we thought Howard could awaken that sleeping he had helped awaken us.

I'll tell you about a memory: 4:30 am, we (5 volunteers who were staying at the same campsite, Wesley Woods) were driving past the frozen fields of Iowa, exhausted, hyperaware, on the way to stand on subzero degree street corners and raise our signs to do drivetime visibility. Just as the sun crested the horizon, somebody in the silent car, (I still don't know who it was) began to softly sing, under their breath, 'oh beautiful for spacious skies...' and as the sun rose, pale pink and cold, one by one we joined in, this group of everyday people who came together out of a great sense of hope that even our little mite of power could make a difference. And it did, although we couldn't possibly have predicted what happened. Talk about joy, and hope, and determination? Yes.

Trusted talk helps, especially to your American friends and family wherever they they may be. If you're comfortable blogging, you can spread the word that way. Your story is important, and the reasons why you support a local candidate are the reasons I believe other people will want to hear.

I'll end with the DailyKos post that fired me up this morning: THINK BOLDLY: Go for a 75 Seat House Gain in '06

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